Privacy Policy

In Pro Accountant Advisor, we provide reliable and satisfactory services to our customers and value our relationships with them. Apart from this, we also keep the aspect of high importance that the customer's data needs to be protected and respected. Whenever you use our services and assign us with your company details, which includes financial statements and copyright details, we always try to feel comfortable and confident. Here's a list of the information you collect because you decide to use your products to organize your business processes: We collect personal information, including an email address, phone number, credit card number, shipping/billing advertisement:

Protecting Information

By using careful protection measures used by security procedures and practices, we work to protect your personal information from abuse or unauthorized use. In addition, we also use internal and external resources to protect your data from third-party elements. Personal account information such as credit card number, as soon as we are sent, is encrypted. Our staff is fully trained to protect your personal and professional information.

Use of your Information:

  • At Pro Accountant Advisor, we do not sell your personnel details to third-party for marketing purposes without your knowlwdge.
  • Your personal and financial information is only used to provide you with the reliable services and give you a customized set of deliverables that will give you an interactive experience.
  • We use your information to improve the quality of our products and services, and to develop new features.
  • Your Personel information is used to keep your history updated of your activity and the types of services you are using. We maintain the statistics of this data & provide you the same at regular intervals for the best user experience.
  • We can use your personel information to explain our services to other valuable customers.

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